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Robert E. Herbst, Real Estate Broker/Owner​

Robert began his career in Baker, pursuing Banking & Insurance in 1969. He now specializes in Real Estate & Insurance, which has been his passion for over 20 years. Robert resides in Baker, Montana and is proud to call Baker his home.

James R. Herbst, Marketing Assistant


James was involved with Northwest Real Estate before relocating to Colorado to pursue a career in Sales Marketing & Management. Now, with his return to home in Baker, Montana, James has joined back up with his father, Robert Herbst, to continue work with Northwest. James has been in Sales Marketing & Management for almost 25 years.



At Northwest Real Estate, we take pride in offering the highest quality service to every individual we work with. Founded over 20 years ago, Northwest has been committed to finding the perfect home for you in Baker, Montana. As a small town, Baker immerses its residents into its classic feel, and homely touch. Complete with its very own lake, Baker, Montana has become home for more than 2,000 residents. Baker has multiple churches, a Rec-Center with a brand new slide into the pool and multiple other activities to enjoy. This small town includes an 9-Hole golf course, a glossy lake, a newly built astro-turf football field at the high school, and new grandstands at the fairgrounds. With an employment rate of 98.2%, work is prevalent throughout. According to Wikipedia,  Baker was built along the transcontinental rail line of the Milwaukee Road near where the railroad created a lake to supply water to its steam locomotives. The city was known as Lorraine for a brief time before being renamed in honor of Milwaukee Road engineer A.G. Baker. At Northwest, we will find your perfect home in Baker, MT. If we don't have it, we'll do our best to find it. 


Baker is on the edge of an enormous oil boom. With the discovery of the Bakken Shale nearby, Baker is the place to be. The small town eliminates the chaos, the oil creates the opportunity. Live with the opportunity and without the chaos!


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